AOSP Camera for Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Some Improvements

July 14, 20120 Comments

Over the past few years, people have gone from carrying a camera around to simply using the shooters on their smartphones to take pictures. Thanks to increases in technology and cell phone prices remaining somewhat steady over the same time period, getting a smartphone with a good camera isn’t very difficult. Does it replace a real camera? Of course not, but above average is quite adequate for most. More recently, manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have outdone themselves to make the best possible camera experience for their customers. With features like burst shot, zero shutter lag and 1080p video recording, the differences between cameras and smartphones are getting smaller and smaller.

Unfortunately, when phones are rooted and custom ROMs are flashed, many of those camera features can be lost. This is especially true with AOSP ROMs such as AOKP and CyanogenMod as the stock Android camera application has not had the makeover that HTC and Samsung phone apps have. This doesn’t mean people running this ROM are incapable of utilizing said features, simply that the stock camera app doesn’t support them yet. This leaves the possibilities of the AOSP camera wide open for any developer to take advantage of.

AOSP Camera Mod

There is now a solution to this problem for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Over at the XDA-Developers forums, there is a stock Android camera application that has been modified to include a number of the features that are otherwise left out. Some of them include:

  • Burst Shot
  • Zero Shutter Lag
  • Dual Channel Audio
  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Picture Quality

For anyone who’s running an AOSP ROM on the Galaxy S III who wants more out of there camera, they need to look no further than the AOSP Camera Mod. This should allow users to go back snapping the shots that the Galaxy S III was manufactured to take without requiring users be on a stock ROM.

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