Apollo Music Player from CyanogenMod 9 Available On All Android Devices

July 30, 20120 Comments

Most, if not all, rooted Android users have heard of the venerable CyanogenMod. The ROM, which is almost as old as rooting Android itself, first began back on the HTC G1 and is not available on dozens of devices world wide. Headed up by a talented team of developers, CyanogenMod has raised the bar on custom ROMs. Now, they are trying to do with music players as well.

apollo music player

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Developed entirely in-house, CyanogenMod released a Apollo music player. It borrows many design elements from the popular Google Play Music application, but is much more versatile and boasts a cleaner look and better performance. Currently, one of the only ways to check it out is to root your phone and flash to the latest CyanogenMod9 on your device and that’s assuming CyanogenMod9 is supported on your device. However, the CM Team has recently released the Apollo music player to work with all Android phones. The requirements are much more simple, as users really only need to be running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Features of Apollo Music from CyanogenMod9

  • Drag and Drop queue and playlist.
  • Touch motion controls help add more customization.
  • Customized notifications.
  • Uses Shake and Flip actions.
  • Modern UI made for Ice Cream Sandwich and (eventually) Jelly Bean.

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With a whole bunch more features along with the solid and stable performance most users expect from a music player, Apollo’s only downside is that it doesn’t have Google Music integration. Many users won’t find this bothersome, however, and the integration will likely be an immediate addition when Google releases the source code API’s for Google Music. Unfortunately, if you do depend on Google Music for your music, this likely won’t replace that until it does feature Google Music integration.

For additional information, download links, release notes, and more, check out the source link.

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