Batman Boot Animation Released For Some Android Devices

July 27, 20120 Comments

With the tragedy that has befallen Aurora, Colorado, it’s a little difficult to look at a Batman logo without feeling sorrow for the people killed and wounded in what is now being termed as the Batman Massacre. In the wake of the incident, no one can talk about anything besides the heroes who stood out in the mayhem and how Christian Bale visited the injured. The Android community has started a small movement too. Rooted users have begun putting a Batman boot animation on their devices in remembrance of the event.

batman boot animation

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The Batman boot animation is a simple one. While it bears no message of remembrance, it will no doubt remind anyone looking at it of the tragedy that befell Colorado. Installing boot animations can be tough to install, though, for people who don’t know how it’s done, so we’ll show you the right way. Currently the boot animation is only compatible with devices that are of the following resolutions:

MDPI (320×480)
HDPI (480X800)
XHDPI (720X1280)
QHD (540X960)
LDPI (240X320)

How to install Batman Boot Animation

So you may need to Google search your screen resolution before attempting to make sure your device is compatible. This also requires rooting your device. Given the breadth of the devices this is compatible with, you may need to Google search your device’s root method as well. There are also a couple of different ways these can be installed. We’ll run you through both of them.

Before we begin, we are not responsible for any harm that may happen to you or your phone. Any risk is your responsibility.

Let’s get started:

  1. Hit the source link below and download the appropriate file for your screen resolution.
  2. Put the downloaded file onto your SD card where you can find it.
  3. Using your favorite root explorer program (we prefer ES File Explorer with Root Explorer enabled in settings), rename the file to “” minus the quotes.
  4. Long press the newly named file, hit “copy”.
  5. The next part is tricky because the file could go one of two places depending on your device and your device’s ROM. So we’ll do one at a time.
  6. Once copied, navigate to /system/media  and paste the there.
  7. Reboot your phone to see if it worked.
  8. If it did, you’re done. If not, navigate back to where you stored your file and copy it again in your root explorer app.
  9. This time, navigate to /data/local and paste it in there.
  10. Reboot your phone to see if it worked.

After all is said and done, you should have a Batman boot animation. For troubleshooting problems and the download links, check out the source link.

Source: Batman Boot Animation XDA Developers

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