Learn How to Get S-Off for the HTC EVO 4G Without the Usual Methods

August 14, 20120 Comments

For those who don’t know, obtaining Security Off—commonly referred to as S-Off—is the highest level of unlocking you can get on a HTC device. It means that the bootloader is unlocked and users are free do not only flash ROMs, but custom kernels as well and anything else they can possibly think of. For many, [...]

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HTC One V Gets List of Compatible Games

August 13, 20120 Comments

Despite the very large number of games released for Android, there is a small problem with compatibility. Many games that are released are not compatible with all devices. On the other side of it, many devices still being used don’t have the hardware to play the games at all. To put the cherry on top, [...]

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HTC EVO Shift Jelly Bean revealed in the Form of Evervolv

August 11, 20121 Comment

Jelly Bean is officially the flavor of the summer. With such a wide variety of Jelly Bean ports to many Android devices—as well as some official updates to the Nexus devices and list of those who are getting it soon—being a rooted user has been a lot of fun in the summer of 2012. As [...]

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Learn How to Root HTC EVO 4G LTE in few simple steps

August 10, 20120 Comments

The HTC EVO 4G LTE is undoubtedly one of Sprint’s best Android devices. It has a giant screen, a great dual core processor, LTE—for those who have access to Sprint’s LTE—decent internal storage with room for expansion, and a plethora of other features. Being of the same bloodline as the HTC One series, it is [...]

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HTC One X Gets One Click Tool To Help Install Team Win Recovery Project

August 9, 20120 Comments

For those who are unaware, Team Win Recovery Project —known as TWRP, pronounced “twerp”, for short—is a custom recovery that is available to a number of devices. While not as widespread as the world famous ClockworkMod recovery, TWRP pushes the boundaries right alongside ClockworkMod recovery in terms of features including all touch interfaces. In fact, both [...]

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HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich Update announced

August 7, 20120 Comments

For many Sprint users with the HTC EVO 3D, the word of the week is finally. After a very, very long wait, a wait riddled with delays, HTC and Sprint finally came together and announced the HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich Update officially. Initially, this is fantastic news as getting even the worst upgrade [...]

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AT&T HTC One X Update released, Rooted and Unrooted Users Can Upgrade

August 4, 20120 Comments

The HTC One X is one of the most popular Android devices HTC has ever released. With various versions of the One series on at least 3 US carriers and a larger number of carriers worldwide, anyone can experience the One Series. Recently, HTC made a statement about keeping their devices up to date and [...]

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Leaked HTC Sense 4.5 Camera Application available for HTC One X

August 2, 20120 Comments

When you’re rooted, there’s nothing more exciting than hearing news about an update leak for your device. In some cases, it’s an entire firmware build that you can flash like a custom ROM. In other cases, it’s bits and pieces that are being released individually. In both cases, it’s really fun to try it out [...]

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HTC One X Gets Rooted Application That Boosts Gaming Quality

July 25, 20120 Comments

With smart phones in general getting bigger, smarter, and much faster, one would think that the most recent line of devices would need help with something as trivial as gaming. However, even as smartphones are begin released with quad-core processors and more powerful GPUs, games for those devices are becoming bigger and require more resources [...]

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Updated guide to root HTC Salsa

July 24, 20120 Comments

One of the things a lot of Android users do when they buy a new Android phone is root it. When gaining root access, it allows users to do such things as flash ROMs and apply themes. Unfortunately, when the device manufacturers release a new update, what it does most of the time is block [...]

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