Get the Xperia Z Launcher on any Android Device [4.0.3+]

May 18, 20130 Comments

Sony’s Xperia Z is everything that one could hope for in a flagship high-end device. A gorgeous FullHD 1080p display, blazing fast processor with enough RAM to support it, extreme levels of dust & water resistance, superlative camera sensors, an ultra sleek design…the list goes on. But as is the case with all such beautiful [...]

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Get the Xperia Z Album and Movies, Walkman Apps on Your Android Device

April 19, 20130 Comments

The Sony Xperia Z is without doubt one of the best devices to come out of the Sony Xperia stable in recent years. I may even go so far as to say that it is perhaps one of the best Android devices today that money can buy. The device offers practically everything that a user [...]

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How to root Sony Xperia Z

April 10, 20130 Comments

Sony has shown the whole mobile community how serious it is with the launch of Xperia Z early this year. There is absolutely no doubt that Xperia Z is one of the best smartphones available out there. With excellent camera, intuitive design and water and dust resistant features, it simply raises the bar for smartphones. [...]

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Get Some Good Asian RPG Imported Games for Xperia Play

September 4, 20120 Comments

When it comes to RPGs, no continent has quite the reputation for creating brilliant and fun games than Asia. With amazing games under their belt such as the Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda series, and many others, the Asian game creation market has always been rather strong with RPG games. Of course, the big [...]

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Benchmark Scores Leaked for the Sony Xperia TX, T and V

September 2, 20120 Comments

The Sony Xperia 2011 was immensely successful. Not only were they popular devices worldwide, but Sony did a relatively good job keeping up with important updates and making sure they remained competitive. Well, they at least did better than most OEMs at keeping their devices up to date. Additionally, the developer support for the Xperia [...]

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Sony Xperia U Updated to Firmware Version v6.0.B.3.184

August 21, 20120 Comments

The Sony Xperia series of Android devices are about as unique as they come. Virtually all devices share the same looking hardware—and in many cases, the same hardware—and Sony has been all about keeping these devices as current as their hardware will support. Even though there are about a dozen Sony Xperia devices in all, [...]

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New Updates For Sony Xperia Neo, Neo V

August 13, 20120 Comments

Yesterday, we brought you news of a magical forum thread that had all the firmware releases ever for the Sony Xperia S. While it would be nice for such a thread to exist for all devices, that is simply not so and in most cases, device updates get released one thread at a time. It’s [...]

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Find Every Sony Xperia S Firmware Update With Root Method

August 12, 20120 Comments

Many people don’t realize how often firmware updates are released. When a device is released internationally, it is not updated all at once, but rather by region. Europe may get a separate update from Asia, which both might get separate updates from North America. Even within a continent, several countries could get their updates separately. [...]

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CyanogenMod 10 Now Available For Sony Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, and Active

August 7, 20120 Comments

Jelly Bean is everywhere. Almost literally, at this point. With ports to most popular phones, many unpopular phones, and a lot of phones in-between, it has come to the point where if you’re rooted, you’ve almost certainly got some Jelly Bean somewhere to try out. That said, CyanogenMod 10, the newest, Jelly Bean-based iteration of [...]

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Learn How to Use Flashtool from Sony Xperia

July 31, 20120 Comments

Rooting a device isn’t all about ADB commands and running scripts from your computer. Sometimes, people have access to software that does a lot of the work for you. Such examples include Samsung’s Odin—and it’s Linux compatible sibling Heimdall—along with RSD Lite for Motorola phones. These programs allow people to flash firmwares, kernels, and all [...]

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