Best antivirus apps for your Android device

September 17, 20130 Comments

Antivirus is a must for any device when you connect yourself to internet or interact with other devices using any of the connectivity. Today with smartphones on rampage, it is most important for everyone to have a antivirus solution which can handle and block all the bad things that can get into your device. We [...]

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Top 3 Budget Android Tablets you just can’t ignore

September 17, 20130 Comments

Tablets are soon becoming a important part of everyday life and its soon replacing the pc in most houses. But not all tablets are worth spending much, for the usage is limited for some people who are not at all interested in the high end specs but more about fulfilling few daily tasks like reading [...]

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Top 4 must have root apps on your Android device

September 15, 20130 Comments

Well anyone who wants to extend his smartphone capabilities, first things he does is gets his device rooted. Once rooted, there are loads of things once can do from overclocking their cpu to installing a custom ROM, but the following four root apps definitely would add a great deal of value to your rooted device. [...]

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Play Any Nintendo DS Game on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

August 29, 20130 Comments

Nitendo DS games are hugely popular and there is a worldwide following who love the released of Nitendo like Mario Kart DS, Pokemon SoulSilver and New Super Mario Bros. Though being bulky, they have made huge market for themselves and hence people would just love to play them on their powerful smartphones too. This guide [...]

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Top 3 free Android apps for better navigation by car owners

August 26, 20130 Comments

With increasing dependency on navigation services across, it time to check out which are the best apps that give the car owners the best options to stay safe yet provide a great deal of options to cache in and increase their productivity while driving. These apps would definitely help the users not only to reach [...]

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Learn how to extend your Android Battery life

July 18, 20130 Comments

Cool and sexy Android powered smartphones have been all over the place and definitely one in your hand. So, you love your smartphone a lot and having been hooked to it. The only problem that seems to come is when you have to keep your beloved phone away for charging quite frequently as the battery [...]

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How To Enable DTS Audio on your Android Device

May 17, 20130 Comments

Android phones these days are sporting bigger and bigger displays, and tablets moving inversely towards being sub-10 inch for more convenience in handling them. The display resolution also is going higher every few months, with the Nexus 10 currently ruling the roost at a whopping 2560 x 1600 pixels. This makes these devices the ideal [...]

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Three VPN’s That Will Keep Your Smartphone Secure on a Public Network

May 13, 20130 Comments

Have you ever gone to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, ordered your coffee, sat down and connected to their Wi-Fi to catch up with your bank account, daily news and even Facebook? While that’s fun and all, you should keep mind that doing personal activities on your smartphone may not be the best idea on a public [...]

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Get All the Glu Mobile Credits You’ll Ever Need

September 5, 20120 Comments

Freemium games—games that are free to play but charge money for things like special items, enhancements, etc not regularly available—are kind of hit and miss on Android. There are some out there that are just fantastic and wildly popular. Their game play is sculpted so that those who buy items don’t overpower those who don’t [...]

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Learn to Control Your Android Phone From Your Computer

August 30, 20120 Comments

Technology is amazing. You can control just about anything with anything these days and the only real challenge is figuring out how it works. You can control computers with other computers, you can turn computers into servers, you can control your house with your phone, and emerging technologies will eventually allow you to control your [...]

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