Get 50GB of Free Storage From While Supplies Last

August 28, 20120 Comments

Even though smartphones are getting more and more storage space, there’s still a need out there for getting important files off of the phone and somewhere safe. There are all kinds of issues you can have, from SD card failure to something wiping your internal storage, and all sorts of other ways people can lose [...]

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Learn to Backup Your Phone Without Unlocking or Root

August 23, 20120 Comments

In most cases, a full backup can only be performed after someone has rooted their device and/or unlocked their bootloader. Typically, it’s done using methods like Nandroid backups, which are available in most custom recoveries or with applications like Titanium Backup, which backs up applications and their data for easy restoring. However, not everyone roots [...]

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Jelly Bean Code Reveals Ability to Switch Users

August 3, 20120 Comments

Android Jelly Bean seems to be the Android OS that just keeps on giving. Not only have there been unofficial releases, but we’ve also brought you news of eventual official releases to come. Even with all that along with all the features that have been discovered in Jelly Bean, there’s still at least one more [...]

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Learn How to Root Any Ice Cream Sandwich Device

July 29, 20120 Comments

All hail root! When many Android users get a new device, the first thing they’ll do is root the phone. The only issue is that sometimes root is difficult to obtain or the directions are convoluted and hard to understand for beginning users looking to root for the first time. Back in the days of [...]

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How To Remove SMS and MMS From Showing Up In Your Phone Log

July 22, 20120 Comments

All devices from all operating systems have features that users love and features that users hate. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of taste. In others, it makes one wonder why the OS doesn’t have a way to turn that particular feature off. No matter which one, though, developers eventually find a way to [...]

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Definitive Guide for Porting MIUI V4

July 22, 20120 Comments

MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs of all time. With CyanogenMod being the king of the custom ROM castle, MIUI is considered one of those ROMs that every phone should have. Typically, it’s based off an AOSP ROM, such as CyanogenMod, but features an iPhone-like UI which we can forgive because it’s [...]

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Learn How to Flash a ROM and Restore All Applications In Under 10 Minutes

July 19, 20120 Comments

For anyone who’s knows how to flash a ROM and has been flashing ROMs for longer than a day, they should be familiar with one Android’s oldest adages: Always make a Nandroid backup. How to Flash a ROM and restore all data There are literally dozens of reasons why creating a Nandroid backup is a good idea. [...]

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