Disable Apps On the ASUS Infinity For Better Speed Without Root

August 20, 20120 Comments

Everyone knows about the carrier and manufacturer applications that are commonly referred to as bloatware. Bloatware are a bunch of useless applications that do nothing more but take up space. On occasion, they even open themselves up and can take up RAM and other system resources. This can cause an otherwise great device to slow down. As the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game. In that same sense, don’t hate the device, hate the bloatware.

On the ASUS Infinity, also known as the ASUS TF700, you can get rid of the bloatware. Or, at the very least, disable it so it doesn’t cause anymore device slow down. Usually, a rooted device is required along with an application like Titanium Backup where you can go through the giant list of applications on the device and remove what you don’t want. However, not everyone has—or wants—root and those people need de-bloating too. Now, you can disable the bloatware and keep the Infinity running smooth.

To do this, you actually use a feature that’s built into Ice Cream Sandwich. Not often talked about, it’s called Disable and it appears in the same menu as the Force Stop and Clear Cache buttons in the Applications menu under Settings. To disable the bloat, simply go into settings, Applications, select “All”, then find the application you want to disable. Click on it, click on Clear Cache, Clear Data—to remove anything it has stored on the device—then click the Disable button. This will effectively freeze the application, prevent it from opening, and prevent it from saving any data to your Infinity.

Don’t know what can be disabled safely? We got you covered. Here’s the latest list of bloatware that can be disabled without any ill effects on the device:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • ASUS E-mail
  • Asus Facebook Poster
  • ASUS MyZine
  • ASUS Sync
  • asus@vibe
  • Black Hole
  • Chrome
  • com.asus.pcsynclauncher
  • Google+
  • MEar
  • My Uploads
  • MyCloud
  • MyNet
  • PixWe
  • PressReader
  • Splashtop Remote
  • Tags
  • Talk
  • TalkBack
  • TegraZone Games
  • WebStorage
  • Zinio

Now you have the tools and information required to remove the crap from your Infinity tablet and run the smooth, awesome experience ASUS intended. For more info, check out the source link.


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