Dolphin Browser’s New Beta Promises Fastest Browsing Experience

August 26, 20120 Comments

For awhile now, Dolphin Browser HD has been among the top browsers in the Android browser wars. While it doesn’t carry the brand name clout of Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox, it has a very loyal following and features that keep up even with the big dogs. Now, Dolphin Browser is making a move for the top by releasing a plethora of new features to bring a quicker, more stable browsing experience for everyone.

The newest Dolphin Browser HD beta makes a lot of big promises. These include:

5-10X faster than the default Android browser
100% faster than Chrome (at times)
Scored over a 450 when tested on ( is an a respected tool for testing a browser’s support of HTML5)
Try it out our latest version of Dolphin Engine, the behind-the scenes technology that makes this Dolphin Browser the highest performing HTML5 browser.

They are apparently able to do so by revamping many pieces of the browser. This includes Dolphin paying particular attention to canvas elements, 2D context and text rendering. This allows webpages to load faster than Dolphin Browser could before. Additionally, they have refocused their efforts to make the best of GPU acceleration and CPU/GPU parallel computing. It sounds very impressive and users have reported a fantastic browsing experience. Does it live up to the expectations? Well, the demo video in the source link seems to show that it does but real world testing is still needed.

Of course, this is an Android browser, so users won’t need root access to install it and play with it which makes it available to everyone. The official list of features currently include:

Android 4.1 support
Faster page Loading and response speed
Stability and improvements for Android 2.3+
Improved Flash support
Improved HTML5 canvas support
Various stability and performance improvement

If you want to give it a shot and see the improvements first hand, check out the source link.


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