Droid NAS Turns Android Phone Into Mac-Compatible Wireless Flash Drive

September 9, 20120 Comments

There comes a time in the course of technology evolution that things start getting easier and—more importantly—things start getting more integrated. During the age when smart phones were just being invented and mass produced, the idea of your phone and your computer talking was still a wild fantasy. Nowadays, you can sync everything between everything without a great amount of difficulty. However, there are still some pieces left to fit. One of the bigger ones is Android and Mac compatibility. Granted, Macs are built to support iOS devices, but there are many users who enjoy Android and own a Mac.

droid NAS

For these users, getting one to talk to the other can be tough. Most Android developers focus on making Android talk to Linux first, and then the long process of making it talk to Windows. Macs are usually last and their implementation is usually the least stable. Now, there’s an DROID NAS application that decided to toss Windows out of the picture entirely and support only Mac. How it works is the Android device uses a certain protocol to be seen as a Bonjour device in Mac’s Finder. It’s pretty simple to use and can have a very large number of uses. Mostly, though, it can be used as a wireless flash drive to transfer or transport files from one computer to another. Additionally, if you happen to be rooted and a ROM flasher, this is a far easier way to get ROMs onto your device besides plugging them in.

The application is already pretty successful, with over 5000 downloads and users are reporting that it works very well for them. In many cases, Mac users have no other applications like this to use on their Android devices, so for many this is a first in terms of functionality. If you’d like to check it out, follow the source link!


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