Finger Exploder Tests Your Finger Speed and Concentration

August 29, 20120 Comments

While Android gaming has come a very long way since it was first introduced, gaming on Android still consists of two main parts. The first is puzzle games where players roam around the interface solving puzzles to get to the next level. An example of a popular puzzle game is the Angry Birds series, wherein the puzzle is to kill the pigs with the birds you are provided. The other type of game is performance games. These are games that require speed, skill, and concentration to achieve a high score. Finger Exploder is an example of that.

Finger Exploder brings a known premise to Android but in a unique way. Users are challenged to blow up as many balloons as possible. The game ends when too many balloons make it to the top of the screen. Usually, with games like this, there are levels or modes of difficulty, but the developers of Finger Exploder keep it very simple—you’re playing for the best score in the world. No more, no less. Here’s how the developers describe it:

* A game to test human capabilities
* A game with a simple goal…
… try to do the best score in the world
* You will need: speed, accuracy, concentration and…
… a fast finger to explode all
* Amazing balloons
* Hysterical “CRAZY MODE”
* And now… with a new “TRAINING MODE” for beginners.

In addition to the typical game play, there are an assortment of wild card balloons that do various things. For instance, one destroys all of the balloons on the screen at once. Another will stop time for a moment and let you catch up on blowing up balloons. There is even one that will end the game automatically. While it won’t win any awards for its graphics, the game is perfect for those who have a few minutes to kill and want to challenge themselves.

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