Facing any galaxy s3 memory leak? Get It Fixed Now

August 8, 20120 Comments

It is nearly common knowledge that not every device ships perfectly. Every Android device released has a small problem here or there that is usually harmless, but can affect a number of people under certain conditions. Namely, power users and those who use a boatload of applications are the ones who have the biggest problems with these bugs. For rooted users, usually there is a fix for these small bugs. You just have to know where to find it.

Galaxy S3 Memory leak problem fixed

For the Samsung Galaxy S III, there aren’t a lot of noticeable problems. It’s far and wide one of the best phones ever realeased, in fact. However, like all Android phones, it suffers from the occasional issue here and there but unless you really test the phone, you’re like not going to find it. One of the more noticeable problems is Galaxy S3 memory leak where a Kies file opens itself multiple times and drains the available memory. This usually isn’t a problem as the phone comes with 1GB of RAM installed, but if you’re using the phone to its fullest capabilities, you may start to notice some issues. Thankfully, we know how to solve them.

Of course, you must first be rooted with a custom recovery. This is because the fix needs to be flashed via custom recovery much like a ROM. It’s also quite easy to get. Click on the source link, download the enable and disable zip files, and place them on your SD card. From there, reboot your phone into recovery, hit install zip from external SD card, and then find and flash the disable zip. Once done, the file that causes the leak will be disabled and you can go on with your daily life. Some users have reported up to 100MB freed up after the fix. So, have fun as your Galaxy S3 Memory leak is out of the way.


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