Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Reportedly Coming Soon

July 27, 20120 Comments

Oh snap! Most Android users get really excited when they hear about how they’re getting unofficial releases of a new Android version. Rooted Android fans flock to new ROMs with new versions of Android like birds fly south for the winter—all at once at the same time. However, those unrooted users on the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S III may not have to root your devices to get Jelly Bean in the near future as Samsung has been talking about releasing it.

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Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Soon

Samsung’s last two flagship devices aren’t actually going to get left in the dust, especially its newest, the Galaxy S III. Reports from around the web have stated that Samsung is currently in the testing phase for both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S iii jelly bean update. This is great news. Not just because these devices are getting the latest—and many are calling it the greatest—version of Android, but because Samsung isn’t forcing Galaxy S II users to upgrade their phones in order to get it. Given the trouble that Samsung had getting their original Galaxy S lineup Gingerbread, this is also a good sign for the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III. According to the source link:

According to, the South Korean phone maker will announce the upgrade for both Galaxy phones as early as August or September.

So that registers as a Q3 release date for both devices. There are rumors circling about the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, but Samsung has not officially or unofficially announced anything regarding those two devices. So, if you have the Galaxy S II or Galaxy S III, know that you’re almost certainly getting a Jelly Bean update and that’s it’s coming in the next two to three months.

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