Get 50GB of Free Storage From While Supplies Last

August 28, 20120 Comments

Even though smartphones are getting more and more storage space, there’s still a need out there for getting important files off of the phone and somewhere safe. There are all kinds of issues you can have, from SD card failure to something wiping your internal storage, and all sorts of other ways people can lose the information they’re storing on their Android devices. Thus, by obtaining some cloud storage space and backing up your important photos, documents, and other files, users can avoid being cleaned out completely when something goes wrong. This is especially true for rooted users, who wipe and flash things on their devices all the time.

Now, there is a way to get 50GB of free cloud storage from the well known There are two ways that users can give it a shot. The first requires root and is the recommended method as users have full control over what is going on. Users are instructed to edit their build.prop files in a certain way to make their devices look like LG devices—as LG devices get the 50GB of storage for free anyway. Note: If you have a LG device, you don’t need to follow any of this, the 50GB free storage promotional offer is intended for you. For everyone else, your device needs to pretend to be a LG device so it can get the free storage. If the editing is too much for you, the owner of the thread in the source link will do it for you. Be warned, you’ll likely have to wait some time as there will likely be a large number of requests.

When it’s all said and done, you end up with with 50GB of free cloud storage and you can breathe a little easier once your most important things are uploaded. For more information, check out the source link.


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