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September 5, 20120 Comments

Freemium games—games that are free to play but charge money for things like special items, enhancements, etc not regularly available—are kind of hit and miss on Android. There are some out there that are just fantastic and wildly popular. Their game play is sculpted so that those who buy items don’t overpower those who don’t and the game remains stable. For others, if you spend a good $20USD you never really have to actually play the game to have an advantage over anyone. Of course, there’s usually free ways to earn these special items that requires giving out your email to every spam sender in the Northern Hemisphere. In other words, not worth it.

Glu Mobile Credits 

For those who have been playing games from Glu Mobile, you can now hack your way to the top by using a new exploit that gives you free credits. Since Glu Mobile has undergone some changes and credits earned in one game can be transported to other games, the way credits are handled on your Android device has changed as well. This means that it’s completely exploitable should you want to give yourself a few extra credits.

The process is relatively easy. To begin, users need to be rooted so consult your device’s local root guide if you need help with that. Next, there’s a file to download from the source link. After that, it’s a matter of putting that download on your SD card and using your favorite file manager to replace—and potentially delete—some files. The end result? Somewhere around 180,000 Glu Mobile credits that can be used in any Glu Mobile game at your discretion. If you happen to run out, no problem, simply repeat the process described above and your credits will be replenished.

Additionally, there is also a hack specifically for the game Zombie vs Samurai Defense. The justification is that the developers made it almost impossible to win the game without having to spend in-game cash. Rule number 1 of Freemium games: make the game beatable, then focus on making money. The process is more or less the same, with the added step of having to change permissions.

For additional details, check out the source link.


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