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May 19, 20130 Comments

A lot of folks use their Android devices also as a portable media hub, among other things. The default music player that ships with most modern-day smart-phones offers a decent audio experience, but is not necessarily what an audiophile would recommend. OEMs do add enhancements to the way Audio is handled on the device, but nothing has shone brighter than Beats Audio that comes pre-installed on select HTC devices.  Beats Audio is a third-party sound enhancement software that is bundled with certain HTC smart-phones as well as on select HP computers. And it makes listening to music on the device an awesome experience!

However, the only way to get the Beats Audio experience on your device, up until now, was to either get a supported HTC phone which had Beats pre-installed. Developer Awesome Dev has released a flashable mod which brings the Beats Audio experience to any Android device. The catch though, is that you need to be rooted and running an AOSP based ROM, doesn’t matter whether its Stock or Custom.

The  mod comes n two flavors – a free Aroma installer based version and a Premium version that costs $2.99. The free deal comes with a choice of two different colored icons that you can choose from, and it only works with certain specific music apps. The paid version though is a full featured mod which offers 15 different color options for the icon, allows choosing the phone model and Android version, as well as the ROM you are running on the phone,  making it far more accurate than the free version. It also includes a live wallpaper, custom boot animation as well as a wallpaper chooser with 25 different awesome walls to pick from. Plus it includes the ability to amplify the audio output across your Android system, which means that not just music, but ring-tones and overall sound quality will sound a lot, lot better than it used to.

You can download the version of your choice from the developers website linked below.

How to Install & Use Awesome Beats

  1. Make sure your device is rooted
  2. Download and install the latest version of BusyBox on your phone
  3. Download Android Terminal Emulator on your phone
  4. Download your preferred version of Awesome Beats from the links above
  5. Transfer the downloaded Awesme Beats zip file to your phone memory
  6. Reboot to CWM/TWRP recovery
  7. Flash the Awesome Beats zip file using the Install zip from SD card option
  8. Follow the Aroma Installer instructions to install Awesome Beats
  9. Reboot your device
  10. Launch Android Terminal Emulator on your phone
  11. Type in the following commands in the terminal session

    mount -o rw,remount /system

  12. Visit the source page for instructions to configure Awesome Beats

Enjoy the Beats Audio experience on your Android smartphone!

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