Get Ubuntu style notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S3

August 28, 20130 Comments

Ubuntu is one of the world’s popular and free operating system and it has done wonders for linux lovers. The main highlights of Ubuntu being fast, lightweight, visually stunning looks and speed. Now just wonder if you could get all of this on your Samsung Galaxy S3, it would just be spectacular!! Ubuntu Lockscreen makes this possible. It has been made out of Ubuntu Touch OS, the latest addition to the smartphone os arena. It is the best possible app available right now and it brings great fresh look to your Android device. Follow the steps below to get Ubuntu style lockscreen notifications to your Galaxy S3.

How to Get Ubuntu style notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Download and install Ubuntu Lockscreen from Google Play. Its pretty easy and straightforward.

2. Then you will have to disable your default launcher like TouchWiz or any other you might be using. To do so, just go to Settings -> Application Manager -> All and find TouchWiz home or your current launcher. Click on it, and from there, select Clear Defaults.

3. Now, you’ll have to disable the default lock screen. Go to Settings -> Lock Screen and select None.

4. Now if you wish to have the Ubuntu lockscreen to display notifications, you should enable it by going to Settings –> Accessibility –> Services. Make sure other services are off.

5. Then, make sure you disable Ubuntu Lockscreen before continuing. So, just open the app and make sure you Enable Ubuntu Lockscreen in not checked.

6. Then, you will have to enable security in the app and to do so, go to main menu and then to Security and make sure Security is checked. The security option available right now is a password only.

7. You can now adjust some of the basic preferences. Just open up Ubuntu Lockscreen and you can adjust the animation settings, type of notifications and add a timer as well.

8. Now that everything is set, go ahead and enable Ubuntu Lockscreen.

9. Lock your device and turn the display on. It will prompt you to enter password for the first time. Just enter your favorite one and repeat it to unlock the screen.

10. Finally just reboot your device and you should be ready to have a go at the Ubuntu Lockscreen.

Well, you should now be able to have fun with the newly installed Ubuntu Lockscreen and feel the magic of Ubuntu Touch OS on your Galaxy S3. It should definitely be a fun experience.

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