Holo Locker: The Simple Jelly Bean Lock Screen

September 10, 20120 Comments

It’s a sad state of affairs that not every Android device out there is going to make it to Jelly Bean. Mostly because Jelly Bean is so very awesome. Whether it’s because the hardware is too old, there isn’t enough specs to run it well, or the OEM just doesn’t care anymore (sorry HTC owners), there are a lot of phones threatening to be left in the dark. A shining light of hope, though, lies in the Android application developer community, who has released a plethora of applications to help users mimic Jelly Bean so at least they can see what it’s like.

One of the most popular is, by far, Holo Locker. Developed by the same guys who brought you the insanely popular Holo Launcher, Holo Locker is a very simple home screen replacement application. For those who don’t know, lock screen replacement applications change what your lock screen looks like. So once you install it and enable it, you won’t be using whatever it was you were using before, you’ll be using the lock screen replacement.

What Holo Locker does exactly is replace whatever lock screen you have now with the Jelly Bean lock screen. Is it the official Jelly Bean lock screen? No, of course not, but it looks and acts so similar that you can’t really tell the difference. Holo Locker also comes with a number of options to help change it to suit your needs and the team is expecting to add more options sometime in the future to help further customize the application. Additionally, you don’t need the Holo Launcher—developed by the same people—to use Holo Locker.

So even if you don’t get any Jelly Bean goodness from your device’s manufacturer, you can still get some from the good old Google Play Store. To get it, click here.

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