Learn How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich on LG Optimus One

July 26, 20120 Comments

All hail root! Rooting devices has a lot of inherent benefits. Users have more control over their Android devices and can do more fun things with their Android devices like install custom ROMs, root-only applications, and themes that would not otherwise be accessible to them. The LG Optimus One has had a root method for a pretty long time, but something that it got recently that it didn’t have was Ice Cream Sandwich. Not an official update, but the device does now have a flawlessly working CyanogenMod9 available to it which gives it Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, users will need to be rooted to do this and we’re gonna show you how to install Ice Cream Sandwich on LG Optimus One.

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Before we begin, if you do undertake this quest for rooting goodness, you do so under your own free will. We are not responsible for anything that may go wrong. This includes the apocalypse, someone stealing your french fries, and slamming your hand in the car door.

how to install ice cream sandwich on lg optimus one

How to install Ice Cream Sandwich on LG Optimus One

That said, let’s begin:

  • Get all the necessary files from the source link below.  This includes a root package called Gingerbreak and the device drivers you need to install to make sure everything works.  Install the device drivers and reboot your PC.
  • Enable usb debugging mode by going to settings>applications>developer on phone.
  • Extract root.rar to safe place like desktop.
  • Go to ADB folder , if you are on window 7 run cmd7.exe OR if you are using Windows xp then run cmdXP.exe .
  • After starting cmd7 or cmdXP, type following commands in Red Color

adb devices

adb shell
(symbol will change to $ or #)

echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf

  • After doing this, Reboot your phone
  • Now go to root folder on desktop again, and start SuperOneClick.exe
  • Select GingerBreak method and press root button
  • Wait few seconds and its done.

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Seems like quite a bit, but we still have quite a bit to go. Now that the device has been rooted, let’s get ClockworkMod Recovery and CyanogenMod9 installed:

  • Install Rom Manager from market on phone using the Google Play Store.
  • In rom manager application Click on install clockworkmod..
  • Boot Your Phone in Recovery Mode (Volume Down + Home + power Key)
  • Put the Rom and Gapp files (You can download from here) on your SD Card’s main folder (With help of card reader or connecting the phone to your PC) for easy navigation since the recovery mode is tough to navigate with hard keys.
  • Put memory card back to phone (if you used a card reader) & Reboot the phone in recovery mode again.
  • Go to the main recovery menu and follow the below steps one after another to wipe data, cache and system.

‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ –> Yes
Mounts and Storage’ –> Format /system –> Yes.
‘Mounts and Storage’ –> Format /boot–> Yes.
‘Advanced’ –> Wipe Dalvik cache –> Yes

  • After this choose install zip from sdcard option
  • Select the ROM (the same file that you just downloaded, beta_testing.zip) to install – your ROM will begin to install.
  • Once installed press the back button few times to go back to the main screen of Clockwork Recovery.
  • Choose reboot system now
  • After the phone reboots, boot back into recovery, choose install zip from sdcard and install the Gapps file.

Take a deep breath, because that’s it. From this point forward you’ll be running CyanogenMod9 Ice Cream Sandwich, be rooted, and have a custom recovery. Now you have learned how to install Ice Cream Sandwich on LG Optimus One.

For troubleshooting, download links, and more, check out the source link:
Source: XDA-Developers

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