Learn how to extend your Android Battery life

July 18, 20130 Comments

Cool and sexy Android powered smartphones have been all over the place and definitely one in your hand. So, you love your smartphone a lot and having been hooked to it. The only problem that seems to come is when you have to keep your beloved phone away for charging quite frequently as the battery goes down. So what do you do? Learn how to maximize and extend your phone’s battery life. Simple way to do that is to try and avoid things that eat up the battery the most and tweaking the phone in a way that gives the best battery life. Here are few ways to maximize your Android’s Battery life.

Exit Applications or Force close

All the applications running in background suck battery. Make sure you exit an application by pressing exit button or back button. Pressing just the home button will leave the recently opened application to run in the background which quietly sucks your battery. Also check for any running applications in the background and force close them. You can do so by Settings –> Applications –> Running Services –> Click on application –> Stop application. You can also use the task manager to find out which applications are running and kill whichever you feel. This should help you stop unnecessary applications from wasting your battery.

Disable Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and GPS when not in use

Wi-Fi comes in handy for speedily accessing data on your phone, but it can turn out to be a big drain on the battery especially when you are out and about. The phone tries and scans for a wireless network even though you may not want it to. You can easily toggle the Wi-Fi on or off with the default widget that comes with most Android phones. You can also use the Airplane mode for better battery life. To enable Airplane mode, Settings –> Wireless & networks–> Airplane mode.

Also make sure you have your Bluetooth turned off when nothing is connected to it or you are done using it. You can disable by heading to Settings –> Wireless & networks–> Bluetooth. Same is the case with GPS. Disable the use GPS satellites feature when you are not using navigation apps and also the apps that use geolocation targeting feature. This will definitely help you avoid the unnecessary drain on your device.

Disable Animated or Live Wallpapers

Well animated or live wallpapers definitely light up you device and bring more life to your device’s screen but it definitely puts an extra overload on the battery. And if you want to save your device from this overload, you rather keep the fancy stuff away.

Reduce the backlight to be less bright

Well in most cases, the backlight is usually the biggest drain on your battery. And by optimally reducing the level of brightness to your need you can gain quite some points on your battery. To do that just go to Settings –> Display –> Brightness, then turn the brightness down to the most reasonable level. You can also leave it to automatically adjust which also works great.

Disable apps that sync constantly

Android’s built-in email application is great but trying to sync for messages every 15 minutes definitely is not the best for your battery. So try and increase the time interval which you feel is best. Also, If your mail provider offers push notification support, then go ahead and use it. This will help lessen power drain a little and try and sync only on Wi-Fi.

Final piece of advice..

Try to use the smartphone in a way that it has the maximum signal strength. It helps to avoid that extra drain on the battery when it strives for signal. Also, make sure that you keep your battery as cool as possible. Prolonged warm periods of battery usage will limit the efficiency of the battery in long run. So, make sure the battery is kept as cool as possible for long life.

Hope these tips come in handy and make your device’s battery life longer. Have fun!!

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