How To Remove SMS and MMS From Showing Up In Your Phone Log

July 22, 20120 Comments

All devices from all operating systems have features that users love and features that users hate. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of taste. In others, it makes one wonder why the OS doesn’t have a way to turn that particular feature off. No matter which one, though, developers eventually find a way to remove or otherwise alter the feature in order for users to be able to enjoy it more.

How to remove SMS and MMS from showing up in your phone log

sgs3 2One such feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III, particularly the US variants, is that SMS and MMS messages show up in the phone log. For most users, this doesn’t really matter as there aren’t a whole lot of people who use their phone logs. For those that do, though, receiving a lot of texts can bury information that could be important, such as a missed call. Since the feature has no off switch, people can get quite flustered when important information gets covered up because they have a friend who loves to text them. Thankfully, this feature can now be turned off using a simple to apply modification. Now you will be able to remove SMS and MMS from the logs.

Of course, users must be rooted first. The modification is flashed in a custom recovery. From that point on, all new messages won’t show up in the phone log, but it doesn’t delete messages that have already been sent there, so it’s been suggested that users delete their old logs after applying the mod to start a clean slate. It has been suggested that the file can be renamed and applied in stock Android recovery but that has been untested and therefor is not recommended.

It seems like such a small feature and a small mod, but let one important call get lost in a stack of text messages and then it becomes a pretty big deal. For the mod download and more information to remove sms and mms from your logs, hit up the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers.

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