How to Root Galaxy S4 on VRUAME7 Firmware

September 7, 20130 Comments

Good news for the Verizon Galaxy S4 users as they can root their devices now with the help of a root method by xda-developers. When it comes to Verizon devices, its pretty difficult to find root methods that actually work. But nothing to worry as the root method will help you root your S4 that run on VRUAME7 firmware only. The process doesn’t involve any complex things that could brick your device, indeed the root solution is a safe one and pretty easily worked out.

Galaxy S4 is a very powerful device but to make full use of its power, the device should be rooted for customizing the device. Thereby being able to perform activities like overclocking your cpu for increased speeds, can install custom recovery images or flash custom ROMs. There are numerous things that can be done once you root your device. But before we go ahead with the rooting, make sure you understand all the risks involved in rooting and the pre-requisites for successfully rooting your Verizon Galaxy S4.

  • Backup all the data as the operation involved might result in loss of data and might need to recover all the data like the contacts and all. So, take a detailed backup of all your data.
  • Then enable the USB debugging option on your phone by going to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • Install the Galaxy S4 drivers on the PC you will use via Samsung KIES.
  • Also make sure you have enough battery charge for the process to complete without any interruptions. Maintain about 60-70% of your battery.
  • As the update process will require that you root your device, you are bound to lose your warranty as the rooting process is unofficial. But you can always get back by flashing the stock Android firmware.
  • Keep in mind that this guide is for advanced Android users for particularly Verizon Galaxy S4 working on VRUAME7 firmware only and we should not be blamed for any loss of data or in case you brick your device while trying to update it.

How to Root Galaxy S4 on VRUAME7 Firmware

  1. First download the root file from here and save the file to your pc. Extract the details of the zip too.
  2. Now connect your device to your pc using usb and tranfer the file just downloaded to your phone’s sdcard. Disconnect the phone once done.
  3. Also download the Android Terminal Emulator from here on your Galaxy S4. Then install the Android Terminal Emulator on your device.
  4. Next, run the installed Android Terminal Emulator app from App Drawer. On the window that will open enter the following commands: “cd /mnt/extSdCard; ./pwn; ./”. Close the app now.
  5. Finally, launch the SuperSU app and let the tool update the binary files.
  6. Just reboot your device once the update is done.

Congratulations for having your Verizon Galaxy S4 rooted. You can now install a custom ROM, or perform a custom recovery, overclocking your cpu and many more things which wouldn’t have been possible before rooting the device. Cheers!!

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