How to Root MyTouch 4G Slide on Latest ICS Update

July 19, 20120 Comments

For those who are unaware, HTCDev is a website where most HTC owners can go and get their bootloaders unlocked. There’s a steep penalty, as owners will have to register their phone with the site to get an unlock token. This means you’ve basically flagged your own device as unlocked and stamped a giant middle finger onto your warranty. Even so, the risk of no longer having a warranty is a risk many are willing to take in order to gain root and unlock their devices. That is, of course, until an OTA update breaks it and it no longer works.

Root MyTouch 4G Slide on Latest ICS Update

root MyTouch 4G Slide

This is a problem that MyTouch 4G Slide owners are running into right now. Since their latest OTA, HTCDev has ceased to work on their phones meaning that they’re stuck being locked without root. For most rooted users, they likely just found a pre-rooted update to flash and avoided the problem. For newer owners, though, they not have had the chance beforehand. Thankfully, there is a root method that will work for the time being until HTCDev can get the software to work once more. The method to root MyTouch 4G slide on latest ICS, which comes from XDA Member jonnycat26 via the source link below, is as follows:

    • Backup what you can. Your phone is going to be wiped.
    • Make sure your battery is charged up.
    • Download the full 1.55.531.3 image. This contains the confirmation splash screen which wasn’t loaded on older MT4GSes, and is the reason the unlocker tool won’t work on our devices. You can get the full image (it’s over 400MB) here:
    • Download the CWM recovery image:
    • Rename the full image downloaded in the first step to and place it on the root of the SD card in your phone.
    • Shut the phone down, remove the battery, and boot back up while holding both the volume down and power buttons down.
    • The phone will check the file and will ask you if you want to restore that image. You want to do this, but keep in mind this is going to wipe your phone. All data will be lost.
    • The phone will restore the image. This takes a few minutes. When it’s done, you’ll be prompted to reboot, and you’ll boot into a completely stock MT4GS experience.
    • Use the unlock tool on to generate your unlock code. The splash screen is now on your phone, and you should be able to unlock (I had no issues).
    • I rebooted at this point, just to be safe, and set up my phone.
    • Copy the recovery image you downloaded earlier into the directory where you’re running fastboot. Rename it to recovery.img
    • Shut down, boot into the bootloader/fastboot, and enter the following command to flash CWM recovery:
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    • At this point, you should probably reboot the bootloader before entering CWM. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and flash superuser/roms/etc.

The method seems long and complicated, but as long as all the steps are followed then it’ll be over quickly. For additional details to root MyTouch 4G slide, troubleshooting tips, and more, check out the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers

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