How To Root The LG Optimus G on Jelly Bean [All Versions]

May 18, 20130 Comments

The LG Optimus G is a high-end LG smartphone that was released in Q4 last year. It is essentially the base device on which the Nexus 4 was designed, and is similar to the Nexus 4 in most aspects, except for additional hardware differences like the presence of LTE connectivity and a microSD card slot. These are two key differentiators, which have made many opt for the Optimus G instead of the Nexus 4.

The Optimus G has recently started receiving the official update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and while that is a welcome thing for most users, irrespective of whether they are using the international version or a carrier branded device, an official OTA update to the next version of the OS, more often than not, results in the user losing root access which he or she may have had on the device prior to applying the update. And with the recent updates being rolled out by Sprint and Telus to its respective Optimus G’s there seem to be a lot of users out there who are missing root. Not anymore, though.

XDA Senior Member fiddy619, has just released a nifty little Windows Batch file, in collaboration with Recognized XDA devs jcase & giantpune,  which roots the Optimus G. And the best part here is that it works with all versions of the Optimus G and all firmwares. It has already been tested with the latest firmwares released by Sprint and Telus, and initial user reports indicate that it works like a charm. Plus at least one user has reported back that it also works with the AT&T Optimus G. However, with all such tools, there is always the off chance that it may not work for a particular device, but the dev claims that the chances of this not working are as good as the chances of someone winning a lottery, which is pretty reasssuring :)

So if you’re looking to root your Optimus G after a recent firmware update to JB, read on to find out how.

Root the LG Optimus G on Jelly Bean Firmware (Sprint / AT&T / Telus /International )

  1.  Make a full back up of your device. While rooting does not necessarily affect your data, it is always advisable to take a backup before you try any kind of hacks on your device
  2. Download the Universal Root Package from the original source thread. Unzip it to a folder on your desktop. You should get a folder named ZV9-ZVB-Root
  3. On your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging
  4. Plug in your phone to the PC via USB cable and wait for Windows to configure the drivers
  5. Open the ZV9-ZVB-Root folder on your desktop and run the CurrentRoot.bat file (.bat extension may not be visible in Windows)
  6. From this point onward, simply follow the on-screen instructions in the command window that pops up. You will be required to change the connection mode on your phone to MTP mode at this point.
  7. Sit back and relax while the tool works its magic and roots your LGOG

Congratulations on your rooted LG Optimus G, and enjoy the joys of a rooted device :)

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