How to use the HTC Lockscreen Shortcuts Without HTC Rosie (Sense)

May 12, 20130 Comments

HTC’s Sense UI is perhaps one of the best OEM overlay in the Android eco-system, and has a distinctive look and feel to it. Sense has evolved over the years to a slicker, lighter and highly functional and feature rich UI, and is perhaps one of the key reasons (battery life is most certainly not one) for people to love HTC devices. That said, Sense is also considered by many to bloat up the overall system, thus adding to lag in the device operation.

If you currently own, or have ever owned an HTC device in the past, you would be familiar with a mysterious service/app called Rosie which is present in the running apps list, and is seen as a prefix to multiple running apps. For those who’ve been wondering who, or what Rosie is, it is essentially the codename for HTC Sense. Many developers who create custom ROMs for HTC devices, like to offer a Sense-less option to users, which is nothing else but a custom ROM sans the Sense UI, or minus the Rosie launcher. Rosie is considered to be a major system resource hog, and removing it generally leads to a lighter. more responsive and battery-friendly experience. A lot og users tend to prefer third-party launchers like Nova or Apex. However, keep in mind that Rosie will continue to run as a background service and continue to eat up RAM and system resources.

If you are using a rooted device, it is possible to freeze or uninstall Rosie and use a different, lighter launcher. However, releasing Rosie from the memory will also cause you to lose the lockscreen and the shortcuts, which is something a lot of people do not want to let go off. This has been an irritating aspect which has caused a lot of people to stick to the default Sense launcher, and sacrificing system performance and battery life in the bargain. XDA Senior Member itandy now has a solution for this pesky issue, in the form of a nifty app called HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider.

This app essentially allows you to retain the Sense lockscreen and shortcuts, even when Rosie is uninstalled from your system. In addition, it lets you select your own apps and configure lockscreen shortcuts via a simple configuration screen. And to top that, it doesn’t stay in the background permanently as a content providing service like Rosie, which means that it is a lot more system-resource friendly. The HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider works with all ROM which run Sense 3.6 or higher, read, a lot of happy rooted HTC device owners.

How to use the HTC Lockscreen Shortcuts Without Rosie

And here’s how you can install and use the HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider. Make sure you are rooted though. You need root access to be able to uninstall/freeze system apps.

  1. Install Titanium Backup. Launch it and make a backup of Rosie Launcher. Once done, uninstall the app (Freezing won’t cut it, as Rosie will still run in the background)
  2. Download and install the HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider app from the source thread.
  3. Run the app, and select your apps for which you need lockscreen shortcuts
  4. Hit back to save your settings.
  5. Profit!

Try it out, and let us know how it went for you.

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