HTC HD2 Gets Jelly Bean Flavored MIUI

August 22, 20120 Comments

While there are many devices are awaiting official Jelly Bean updates, there’s many, many more devices that’ll never see the buttery smooth awesomeness of Jelly Bean. Not in an official capacity, at least. For most devices out currently, the only way you’ll get Jelly Bean is by rooting your device, getting a custom recovery, and flashing a custom Jelly Bean ROM. That’s not such a bad thing, though, as custom ROMs are often touted as being better than their official stock equivalents.

The HTC HD2, one of the oldest and most popular smart phones in the history of aftermarket smartphone development, is getting its share of Jelly Bean in a number of ways. Most recently, a port of the popular Chinese ROM MIUI has been released for the dinosaur smartphone. Since the initial release, all subsequent releases have been geared toward bug fixes. As one can imagine, Jelly Bean on a phone that old—that actually didn’t run Android to begin with—will be pretty difficult to get perfect on the first or even second go. So far, the list of bugs fixed include:

  • Signal Issue
  • MIUI Security
  • Speech Recognition
  • USB Mass Storage
  • System Speed and Stability

So far, the only major problem is that the mobile network must be selected after every phone reboot. As long as that’s not forgotten, the ROM actually works quite well. Of course, there will be the occasional flicker or glitch, but it’s a new ROM on an old phone, it’s to be expected. Given that HTC stopped supporting the HD2 right around the turn of the last decade, it’s absolutely phenomenal that developers are still giving it so much attention. Of course, you have to be rooted and getting the phone from Windows Mobile to Android takes some work. However, with Jelly Bean being more stable on this device than devices much newer than it, it’s definitely worth it.


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