HTC One V Gets a Software Update

August 20, 20120 Comments

Getting a software update is always an exciting time. You never know if you’re about to get a ton of new features, better performance, better battery life, or some combination of all three. Most of the time, software updates are simply patches or bug fixes. Sometimes, though, the update is quite awesome and makes a device feel new again. The HTC One V recently got an update and it happens to be one of those good ones.

The update brings the One V to software version 2.09.707.1 and actually includes quite a bit of fixes. So far, users have experienced better performance across the UI and in many applications. Especially those that use GPU rendering, such as Google Chrome. Additionally, the stock browser has been updated and the stock Email application has been updated to include a Hotmail sync fix. Other things that users have noticed has been a fix for a lock screen crash issue as the lock screen has been updated to v4.0.2216393226.408336.408336. Perhaps the biggest new addition is the new equalizer settings and three new touch controls.

Some other things have been a general improvement in performance. Users have reported a smoother experience just using the phone and users have also reported that Quadrant Standard scores are actually a little higher on average. A final thing that users have noticed is that Beats Audio seems to have been tweaked a little, as music seems to sound a little better. Some of these may be placebos but they also may be real tweaks made.

There are a few problems with the update as well. One user has reported that the HTC weather widget sounds are a little messed up as the full sound effect only plays for sunny weather. Otherwise, the update seems to be pretty successful. For those who are rooted, there’s a stock rooted ROM for you to flash if you would like to try it out. For more info, check the source link.


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