Get the Iconic HTC Clock and Weather Widget on Any Phone

August 8, 20123 Comments

You’d be hard pressed to find an Android fanatic that won’t agree to an extent that HTC Sense is the most bloated of the Android skins that OEMs put on their devices. It uses a lot of memory and makes otherwise brilliantly built phones lag. However, one would be remiss if they didn’t at least admit to themselves that iconic HTC Clock and Weather widget weren’t beautiful additions to Sense. In many cases, most would take a Sense style clock and nothing else. Just ask the millions of users of Beautiful Widgets.

Iconic HTC clock and Weather Widget for any phone

htc clock and weather widget

There is an easier way to get the HTC clock and Weather widget. There is now an APK file available that will give you the iconic Sense clock widget (4×2) along with the newer Weather widgets (4×3 and 4×4). It’s quite easy to install as well. Users simply click the source link, download the APK file that they want—there are a few to choose from, all of which contain all three widgets—place the APK file on their phone, and use their file manager to install the application. While it isn’t required, a reboot is recommended so that everything settles appropriately. The best part is you don’t need root, so anyone can use it.

The clock widgets come in a couple of flavors. One set specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S III, one set for everyone else, and even a few custom builds that include a four by one widget and widgets that have white backgrounds instead of black. Sense fans who have had to go to greener pastures can relive the memory of Sense with what is known as the best clock widget out there. Note that if you get the white background version, you have to download its skin and place it in the appropriate folders on your phone. All the info can be found in the source link.


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  1. Chris says:

    Great article but does not tell you where to go to get the download…

  2. Satish says:

    Hey Chris, you can navigate to the original developer source link at the bottom of the article. You can find the download files over there :)

  3. Michael says:

    Absolutely PERFECT !!! Finally I’ve found exact the new ONE X widget. Works perfect on my htc Incredible S. Thanx so much !!!

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