Learn How to Install htc sensation roms With Bootloader Locked

July 22, 20120 Comments

HTC Sensation romsWhen Android was first released to consumers in the form of the HTC G1, there was only one kind of root. That root meant that the phone was unlocked entirely, to include the bootloader and all. As Android has evolved, so too has the number of ways to get root. Before, root meant unlocking everything. Now, a user can have root but still have a locked bootloader. To go even further, users can have a bootloader that’s only half unlocked, thanks to sites like HTCDev.com. So, with the varying levels of root and unlock, sometimes flashing things requires a little different method as well. We shall discuss how to install htc sensation roms with Bootloader locked.

How to install htc sensation roms with Bootloader Locked

This is the case for the HTC Sensation. With the newest bootloader update, to HBoot 1.27, users are stuck with a locked bootloader but can still obtain root. This means several things, but most importantly, users cannot flash things like kernels or system images (i.e. boot.img). This can complicate things, but there’s a way around it.

We’ll outline the basics here about how to install htc sensation roms, but for all the links and such, you’ll have to check out the source link. Basically, to begin, users must first use the HTCDev website to unlock their phones. This allows a kind of unlock to the bootloader that’s not complete, but it’s good enough for at least obtaining root. From there, users will need to obtain a custom recovery and flash that. The next part is the tricky part as it involves turning on 4EXT SmartFlash. This nifty setting allows for the flashing of things such as the boot.img in recovery as opposed to using ADB and Fastboot commands to flash it manually on the computer. Finally, once that’s all done, users can install ROMs like normal by flashing them in custom recovery. The important step is enabling 4EXT SmartFlash which can be done two ways. One is permanent and the other is temporary. For more information about that along with the full tutorial to how to install htc sensation roms, check out the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers

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