Jelly Bean Keyboard for any device running Android 1.6 and Up

July 27, 20120 Comments

So we have all come to the realization that not every device out there is going to get Jelly Bean. It’s a sad day but almost everyone knows that OEMs are going to focus more on their current line up than last year’s market and more on last year’s market than stuff that came before that. Of course, Android developers have got Jelly Bean working on the HTC HD2, one of the great grandfathers of Android development, but that doesn’t mean every company is going to put the resources into making it work on all their devices.

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android jelly bean keyboard

Android Jelly Bean Keyboard for devices running Android 1.6 and Up

Depressing realities aside, there is a way even the oldest devices can still get a little bit of Jelly Bean goodness. There has been a Jelly Bean keyboard application released that has been updated to include support devices running Android as old as 1.6. For those who can’t remember, 1.6 was Donut. Android Donut running Android Jelly Bean keyboard. That’s a sentence no one has ever typed before.

The keyboard is as you’d expect. It’s the vanilla Android keyboard, so it’s the same keyboard devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are running. This brings a cool new element to devices that haven’t seen an Android update since George Bush was the President of the United States. However, not all is perfect. Porting the Jelly Bean keyboard to devices that old is quite a difficult challenge to undertake and thus there can be some bugs expected. Some users are reporting not being able to save words from foreign languages in their user dictionary despite that language being supported by the keyboard. Additionally, users are reporting lag. These issues—especially the lag—are expected on older devices and the developer asks that users be patient until all the kinks can be worked out.

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