LCD Density Modder Makes Changing Resolutions a Breeze

July 30, 20120 Comments

Many people don’t know, but changing the resolution on an Android device is not only possible, but it’s actually quite easy. Changing the resolution can have a number of benefits such as making images sharper than they were before and also making everything a little smaller which allows more information to be displayed on the screen at once. For many people, more screen real estate is always better and having more info means less scrolling.

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LCD density ModderLCD density Modder

LCD Density Modder

The application that allows this is called LCD Density Modder. By the title you may have guessed that it needs root. If so, you guessed correctly. In order to gain proper access to the system files required to change the density, devices do need to be rooted. Aside from that little bump in the road, though, the application is delightfully easy to use. To use, users open up the application, set the DPI to what they want it to be—DPI meaning Dots Per Inch—and the app does the rest. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution so if you’re going for more screen space, up the DPI. Aside from on-the-fly resolution changes, the application also has a number of popular presets for users who aren’t quite comfortable choosing their own value. Using them can increase the likelihood of the change not causing any problems.

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Unfortunately, no application is perfect. Even though changing the DPI in the system is quite easy, there are a number of applications in the Google Play Store that aren’t compatible with all DPI settings. The result can mean that applications stop working and crash. So it is recommended to remember your original settings in case you need to change them back due to applications not working. Most newer or recently updated applications should be okay, though.

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