Learn How to Draw On Galaxy Note easily in few simple steps

July 28, 20120 Comments

For anyone who hasn’t at least played with a Samsung Galaxy Note yet, you should really consider doing so. Even if the device is too big for you or it’s not available on your carrier, getting acquainted with some of its more unique features—such as S-Pen—is actually quite fun and more versatile than one might expect. Using S-Pen and the various independently developed drawing applications, it’s actually not impossible to create real works of art with the Galaxy Note. So, lets learn how to draw on Galaxy Note.

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Learn how to draw on Galaxy Note

This is what the OneGlobalAppsInc Team was thinking when they came up with Sketch Em. Sketch Em is a unique drawing application for the Samsung Galaxy Note that actually teaches users how to draw on Galaxy Note. Now, granted, many users who enjoy drawing already know how to do it, but when it comes to using a stylus on a mobile phone screen the techniques can be a little different. The application runs users through a plethora of basic shapes and figures and grades users based on how smooth and straight their lines are and how well they are able to trace the design. The designs are patterned so that once a user is done with a particular exercise they will have drawn and entire object—like a face.

Admittedly, this application doesn’t lend much to productivity unless you happen to draw for a living, but the time is not far away when animators and designers are able to draw and create entire graphical presentations on mobile devices and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get yourself ahead of the curve. Also, it looks like it’s pretty fun. This not only demonstrates the versatility of S-Pen technology, but can also help users learn a new skill or develop a new hobby. The application is not available to use yet, but they are asking users if this is the kind of application they’d like to see.

If you think you’d like this, head over to their YouTube channel or check out the source link to show your support and see what others are saying.

Source: Sketch Em

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