Learn How to Root Any Ice Cream Sandwich Device

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All hail root! When many Android users get a new device, the first thing they’ll do is root the phone. The only issue is that sometimes root is difficult to obtain or the directions are convoluted and hard to understand for beginning users looking to root for the first time. Back in the days of Android Gingerbread, there was an application called Gingerbreak which nearly any user running Gingerbread could install, run, and obtain root. Really easy. However, with Ice Cream Sandwich, the root methods are a little more difficult. Thankfully, you should only need to know one more root method to root any phone running ICS.

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how to root any ice cream sandwich devices

How to Root Any Ice Cream Sandwich Device

The reason the method works is because all devices can be rooted using the same process. Users first must get their devices unlocked. For Samsung devices—or at least most Samsung devices—the bootloaders come unlocked so there’s no big deal. For HTC devices, you’ll have to go through the steps at HTCDev’s website and get your bootloader unlocked. For the other OEMs, there’s no clear or universal method to unlocking your bootloader so you’ll likely have to Google search it.

Once the bootloaders are unlocked, the process is pretty easy. Before we begin, know that anything you intend to try you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything bad happening to your device. Now, let’s get started:

  1. Step one is to obtain a ClockworkMod Recovery zip file for your device. Click on the source link entitled “ClockworkMod Recovery”, find your device and download the ClockworkMod Recovery Image for your device.
  2. Click the source link entitled “ICS Root Method” and obtain the file called CWM_Root_Superuser_3.1.3_Busybox_1.20.2.zip from the attachments
  3. Place the CWM Recovery Image on the root of your device’s external SD card. Place the other zip file in a folder on your SD card where you can find it
  4. Boot your device into the stock recovery. Select “Install Update from External SD” and select the ClockworkMod image.
  5. Once installed, ClockworkMod recovery will appear. Without leaving it, choose “Install zip from External SD”, find the 2nd zip file you placed on your SD card and flash it.
  6. Reboot.

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Once done, the device will be rooted with a custom recovery. While this is primarily focused on Samsung devices, it should also work on HTC devices and any other device that can get an unlocked bootloader. For additional information to root Ice Cream Sandwich devices, a few other Samsung-specific methods, and all troubleshooting, head to the source links.
Source: ICS Root Method
ClockworkMod Recovery

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