Learn to Control Your Android Phone From Your Computer

August 30, 20120 Comments

Technology is amazing. You can control just about anything with anything these days and the only real challenge is figuring out how it works. You can control computers with other computers, you can turn computers into servers, you can control your house with your phone, and emerging technologies will eventually allow you to control your appliances with your phone. Now, a new method has come out that makes it simple to control your phone from your computer.

Currently, there are methods to run Android on your computer. You can run Android inside of a Virtual Box and you can use a program called BlueStacks to run an Android environment on your computer. The drawbacks of these, though, is that these aren’t your Android phones. These are blank virtual devices usually used for application testing and general goofing around. It’s a lot better when it’s your device on the screen, with your settings and applications. There is a way to do that. Do note that this is for Samsung devices only at this time, although more device manufacturers may be supported in the future.

To begin, users will need to download Teamviewer for their computer. It’s a free download that you can get from here. Download it and set it up. After that, on your Android device, download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application, which you can find here. Essentially, after you download both and set up both, you should be able to connect to your device from your computer.

Once you connect, you’ll have your phone—as in your actual phone—on your computer screen. If you have issues, there’s a nifty instructional video in the link above for the QuickSupport link that gives you a quick, easy-to-follow one minute tutorial on how to do it. The only issues that users have reported so far, aside from incompatibility, is that the interface is a little laggy. That is expected to be fixed in future updates, though. For more info, check the links above.

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