MagicJack Now Available in the Google Play Store, Free Phone Calls For All

September 4, 20120 Comments

MagicJack should be a household name by now. Why it currently is not is unfathomable, as pretty much anything that gives people free things should be well known. For those who don’t know, MagicJack is a computer peripheral device that plugs into a computer via USB. The other end is a standard phone jack. Once done, the MagicJack service allows users to make free phone calls anywhere in the United States or Canada. It provides users with a free phone number and voice mail services. It uses a WiFi connection to make and receive the phone calls, so you’d also need an internet connection.

Now the magic—pun intended—has been spread to Android with an official MagicJack application. The application is much like its PC counterpart. In order to get services, you must sign up for the yearly subscription. After that, it’s free phone calls to the US and Canada all year, unlimited. This is excellent news for those who use services like Google Voice for cheap texting but don’t have a cheap phone calling alternative. This is also great news for current MagicJack subscribers looking to use the service on their Android devices.

Unlike the computer equivalent, this doesn’t require any additional hardware. Just download and go. Also, unlike computers, this is usable on 3G and 4G networks—although the application highly recommends 4G—so if you have a limited data plan, you might need to monitor the application to make sure it doesn’t go over your monthly limit.

The app is very easy to use. Simply download the application from the Google Play Store—also known as the source link at the bottom—sign up with your current subscription or get a new one. Once in, you get the classic MagicJack experience except on Android. For more info, check the source link.


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