Motorola Xoom Jelly Bean Official update Announced

July 29, 20120 Comments

With a few devices getting the Android Jelly Bean update and a few high profile devices that are scheduled to, getting an official update to Jelly Bean is a coveted experience for right now as not many devices have gotten them. In fact, so far, the only other devices to get them are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Nexus S. This doesn’t include the Google Nexus 7, which came with Jelly Bean. Now, the Motorola Xoom Jelly Bean Official update is announced.

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Motorola Xoom Jelly Bean Official Update Announced

motorola xoom jelly bean official

The update was released a few days ago for the United States WiFi-Only Xoom and the 3G/4G Verizon Xoom versions. So, if you don’t have those two you’re still on the waiting list. However, if you do, you should have gotten a notification by now asking you to update or you can go into Settings, into About Phone, and check for updates. Once you get the notification to receive the update, simply accept the update and then plug in your Xoom while it installs itself. Once done, you’ll be running Jelly Bean. This will put you in a league with the Nexus 7 as the only Android tablets to have Jelly Bean. That may not last forever, but bragging rights are bragging rights.

Jelly Bean has been touted as more of an upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich than its own Android version. The reason is because Jelly Bean runs basically the same user interface as Ice Cream Sandwich with only a few tweaks, a few new features, and, of course improved performances. So far, users have reported a much smoother and faster user interface, improved performance, and vastly improved search functions and notifications. While some may not call it revolutionary, Jelly Bean fills what seems to be the last remaining holes in Android and the OS can better compete with iOS.

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