Multiple Window Mod Ported to International Galaxy Note

December 15, 20122 Comments

Multi WindowsThe release of the Samsung Galaxy Note II was a game changer in more ways than one. Not only was it the most refined 5 inch offering on the market, but it also came with some pretty impressive never-before-seen additions to the Android OS. Each update for the device has brought more new and unique features and, in turn, hard working devs have brought those features to other devices. One such feature, the multiple window function, found in the latest Galaxy Note II firmware, has been successfully ported to the international variant of the original Galaxy Note by XDA forums member xperiacle.

The multiple windows modification for the Galaxy Note allows users to run multiple apps in separate moveable, resizeable windows that float over the home screen. This allows devices running the mod to multitask with a greater efficiency than previously possible. While this type of functionality is new to the Android world (and indeed new to mobiles altogether, which have relied on the single-process style of task management for quite some time) many users, after spending time with the new setup, have reported positive things concerning the usability of the window system.

Some things to take note of before applying this modification include the fact that it requires editing the devices build.prop, which should only be done by users who have experience working with the file and ONLY after performing a backup in case things go wrong. The mod will only work on Galaxy Note N7000 rooted deodexed JB 4.1.2 XXLSA or XXLSC ROMs and should not be applied to anything else. Lastly, flashing the mod file WILL change your system files, and for that reason a full device backup should be performed before attempting to do so.

For the full set of instructions and links to all required files, see this post. Also conveniently included are some tips to use the floating windows to the best of their ability as well as instructions on their use. As always, thoroughly read all directions before attempting to apply the mod, and of course thank the creator if it works well for you.  Good luck!

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