Nexus 7 Multi-Boot Now Possible with MultiROM v2!

December 14, 20120 Comments

screenshot_03The Nexus 7, created by Google and manufactured by Asus, is one of the best selling Android tablets of all time. Its attractive price tag combined with its impressive list of features and excellent hardware design have convinced hundreds of thousands of customers to buy it. The Nexus 7, being a Nexus line device, runs AOSP builds directly from Google. The Nexus 7 and its other Nexus line brethren are always the first devices to receive Android firmware updates. All of these things, combined with great developer support, have made the Nexus 7 successful in the power-user scene as well. A new tool has recently surfaced, making the device even more versatile and powerful. XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar has released a new custom recovery image for the device that allows users to run a multi-boot environment. This, in effect, allows you to choose which firmware you would like to boot for your device when you start it up. This means you could boot multiple versions of Android on one device without wiping and re-flashing the firmware. For those users who tend to constantly flash the latest and greatest custom firmwares, this new tool should prove invaluable. This makes it possible to keep a clean and error-free AOSP build on the same device that you test custom builds on. You can even have an Android build and an Ubuntu build on the same device!

In order to use the functions described above, you will need to use fastboot to write a modified recovery image. Once the modified image has been applied to the recovery partition you will need to use the recovery menu to apply the MultiROM firmware. Once that is complete you can boot into the multi-boot environment to add builds or firmwares to the menu. Since all of these operations require overwriting entire partitions on your device you need to make sure to make a backup of your entire device before attempting to install the software. The full documentation, set of instructions and set of download links can be found here. The creator of this mod claims no responsibility for broken or wiped devices so make sure you know what you’re doing before you dive in, and don’t forget to thank the creator if it works for you!

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