NFC Support Gets Added to Spotify

September 7, 20120 Comments

Spotify is quickly becoming one of the most popular music streaming applications out there. It already has millions of users and it is already being mentioned in the same sentences as streaming juggernauts such as Pandora and last.FM. It utilizes a clean interface, a good search engine, and enough songs to keep it relevant and useful and users seem to really enjoy it. Now, the application is taking another step forward in its development by offering NFC capabilities to its users.

Upon first glance, it may be difficult to guess what role NFC could have in a music streaming application but the implementation is actually quite brilliant. Reportedly, users will be able to share their music or whatever music they’re listening to. This is difficult to pinpoint for sure because this could mean that users can share music that they have on the storage of their phone or simply share the song they’re listening to on Spotify and then the other listener can listen to it. There are some who don’t think this is likely and it may very well not be, but since Spotify has subscriptions for users, there’s no reason to think that two subscribing users could share their playlists using NFC.

Of course, in order to use the new NFC features, you must actually have NFC on your device. NFC has only been released on a percentage of devices—usually high end Android devices—but those devices are also pretty popular. As an example, the Samsung Galaxy S III, reportedly the highest selling cell phone in the world. So there won’t be a lack of users to test and try the new NFC features. The big question, though, is will the other big names in streaming eventually follow suit. If they do, will the implementations be similar to what Spotify has done? We’d love to hear your opinion on the matter.

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