No HTC EVO 4G LTE Android 4.0.4 Update, Sense 4.1 for now

August 14, 20120 Comments

It’s never a good thing when you get in contact with the manufacturer of your device and have them shrug their figurative shoulders at you. Possibly the only thing that comes close to the feeling of knowing that you’ll never receive another update is knowing that you’re going to receive an update and don’t know when. Generally, OEMs either keep quiet about the update until it’s time to release—usually for maintenance fixes—or they’ll give a general time of release. An example is Q2 (Quarter 2) or a certain month, like August.

No HTC EVO 4G LTE Android 4.0.4 Update, Sense 4.1 for now

htc evo 4g lte android 4.0.4

For HTC EVO 4G LTE owners, they got probably the worst response. Yes, they are going to eventually get the update to Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0.4. The logic behind that is that the HTC One X has already received its update to 4.0.4 and the EVO LTE is in the One series bloodline right next to the One X. Additionally, HTC has confirmed that they’re giving Jelly Bean to the rest of their One series devices. So the question is, why are they leaving out the EVO LTE?

Recently, someone reached out to HTC to ask when the HTC EVO 4G LTE  Android 4.0.4 Update was going to happen. HTC’s candid reply was that they had no such information about the update. This is a frustrating and disappointing response from HTC as EVO LTE owners are very much looking forward to the next big update for their devices. Considering, as mentioned, that the One X has had that update for awhile now, EVO LTE users have the right to feel shafted. In response, some users plan on getting on HTC’s case, as the EVO LTE has not been the only phone to be shown neglect. Many devices are still without their GPL-required source code and some devices that were promised updates never got them. So, the next step is to get on HTC for all the things they aren’t releasing.

To join in the fun or to check out the discussion, head on over to the source link. Warning: thread may contain language that’s NSFW.


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