Nova Launcher Releases Beta 3, One Step Closer to Full Release

July 14, 20120 Comments

One of the many ways that Android devices can be customized is to install a launcher application. There’s a bunch of launcher applications out there and many of them are quite popular. The advantages to running a custom launcher are that they’re much easier to theme, generally have more developer support than stock launchers and can sometimes improve performance and even battery life. Since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, launchers have become more dominant than ever. This is likely due to the absurd amount of customization that Android users have access to with custom launchers and also because these applications can be installed without requiring rooting the device.

Nova Launcher

nova launcher

One such launcher, called Nova Launcher, is among the premier launcher applications for Ice Cream Sandwich. Aside from it’s daunting features list and the fact that it’s free, it provides a suitable launcher replacement option for users who are both rooted and unrooted. There hasn’t been a stable release of Nova Launcher yet, but the beta releases are coming along and it won’t be much longer before a stable version is released. Even with the launcher still in beta, the number of bugs are at a minimum and most people who download it likely won’t find any bugs at all.

In beta releases 2 and 3, Nova Launcher has been updated to include compatibility for Jelly Bean along with some additional bug fixes and new features. A few of which include:

  • Jelly Bean Support (to include Jelly Bean themed)
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Nexus 7 Compatibility
  • App Animation Settings

Anyone who’s devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher and looking for a new launcher should definitely give this application a try. It may not be on par feature-wise as some launchers such as GO Launcher, but it’s an authentic AOSP ICS feel. It’s free in the Google Play Store with many outstanding user reviews.

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