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How to root Sony Xperia Z

April 10, 20130 Comments

Sony has shown the whole mobile community how serious it is with the launch of Xperia Z early this year. There is absolutely no doubt that Xperia Z is one of the best smartphones available out there. With excellent camera, intuitive design and water and dust resistant features, it simply raises the bar for smartphones. [...]

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Install HTC Sense 5 ROM to your HTC Droid DNA – Super easy Guide

April 4, 20131 Comment

HTC Droid DNA is one of the popular launches by HTC before the more recent launch of HTC One. HTC One brings with it HTC Sense 5 and features like HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and many other features that are completely new and fabulous. Now the good news is that developers over XDA have released [...]

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Multiple Window Mod Ported to International Galaxy Note

December 15, 20122 Comments

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note II was a game changer in more ways than one. Not only was it the most refined 5 inch offering on the market, but it also came with some pretty impressive never-before-seen additions to the Android OS. Each update for the device has brought more new and unique [...]

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Nexus 7 Multi-Boot Now Possible with MultiROM v2!

December 14, 20120 Comments

The Nexus 7, created by Google and manufactured by Asus, is one of the best selling Android tablets of all time. Its attractive price tag combined with its impressive list of features and excellent hardware design have convinced hundreds of thousands of customers to buy it. The Nexus 7, being a Nexus line device, runs [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit – Root Access, Backups, Flashing and More

November 29, 20120 Comments

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 continues to fly off the shelves (currently more than 5 million of them have been sold, and the total gets higher every day) the tools and utilities for the device have continued to improve. One such utility, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit by mskip at the XDA forums, has [...]

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Popular XBMC Application for Android announced

September 10, 20120 Comments

For those who don’t know, XBMC is a very popular underground media center that has a lot of features and a lot of fans. It started out many years ago as a media center alternative for those who hacked their old school Xbox consoles. Back then, it was called Xbox Media Center, which was eventually [...]

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Holo Locker: The Simple Jelly Bean Lock Screen

September 10, 20120 Comments

It’s a sad state of affairs that not every Android device out there is going to make it to Jelly Bean. Mostly because Jelly Bean is so very awesome. Whether it’s because the hardware is too old, there isn’t enough specs to run it well, or the OEM just doesn’t care anymore (sorry HTC owners), [...]

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HiFiCorder Brings Only the Best Audio Recording to Android

September 9, 20121 Comment

You can do virtually anything with an Android device. You can create documents, create PowerPoint presentations, listen to music, take pictures, make phone calls and send text messages, and literally just about anything else you can think of. One feature it can do that isn’t often talked about is the ability to record audio using [...]

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Droid NAS Turns Android Phone Into Mac-Compatible Wireless Flash Drive

September 9, 20120 Comments

There comes a time in the course of technology evolution that things start getting easier and—more importantly—things start getting more integrated. During the age when smart phones were just being invented and mass produced, the idea of your phone and your computer talking was still a wild fantasy. Nowadays, you can sync everything between everything [...]

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Remove the Crap From Old Flashes on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G Using One Click

September 8, 20120 Comments

Being rooted is just great. You have access to dozens, if not hundreds, of features you wouldn’t have if you remained stock. This includes flashing custom ROMs. For those who don’t know—and there really shouldn’t be many of you left out there—custom ROMs are firmware based on Android that users can install and run. They [...]

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