Pandora Radio App Gets Independent Redesign

July 23, 20120 Comments

Despite the popularity of some applications, the developers never think to update the app with more modern designs. In many cases, as long as the application is still functional, no one really minds all that much. However, when the app and its widget haven’t really had a design overhaul since Android 1.6, it really starts to clash with the other, more updated widgets on your home screens. This is a problem that many Pandora Radio users are facing, as the app hasn’t had a cosmetic update, well, ever.

pandora radio

Redesigned Pandora Radio App

To help out, an independent developer from XDA has gone and given Pandora Radio a face lift. The application has been completely overhauled in terms of theming and meshes much better with other Ice Cream Sandwich applications and widgets. This includes the in-app graphics as well as the notification bar pop ups. Instead of the garish and old design, users are treated to the soft grays and blues that make up Ice Cream Sandwich and that delivers a better visual experience for everyone. The widget was designed specifically to look good sitting next to a Google Music widget and the player controls were modified to better look like an action bar.

Now, it should be mentioned that this application was only given a face lift. There is no modifications made. That means it is not ad free and you still have finite amount of skips. Pandora Radio will work exactly like it always does, it just looks new. Additionally, it should be mentioned that this currently only works with 720p XHDPI devices and HDPI devices. It will not work on any device with anything lower than that. So those with older devices with lower resolutions may not be able to use this application.

For screen shots, download links, and additional information, hit up the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers

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