Play Any Nintendo DS Game on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

August 29, 20130 Comments

Nitendo DS games are hugely popular and there is a worldwide following who love the released of Nitendo like Mario Kart DS, Pokemon SoulSilver and New Super Mario Bros. Though being bulky, they have made huge market for themselves and hence people would just love to play them on their powerful smartphones too. This guide will help you play any Nitendo DS game on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to play any Nitendo DS Game on your Samsung Galaxy S3

  1.  Download a DS Emulator called nds4Droid from here. This is a free one but really good compared to what the paid apps offer for price. This has got a lot of features while being free and it should do the job for us.
  2. Now we will have to download a Nitendo DS Game ROM. As with any other console emulator, nds4droid does not come with any preloaded games. So, you’ve got to convert your own DS games or find ROMs online that have already been converted. Just search the Web for the game ROM you want and download it directly onto your GS3. Make sure the ROM is an .nds file.
  3. Once you have downloaded your ROM(s), Open the nds4droid emulator. It should automatically load your available ROMs. Just select the game you want to play and launch.
  4. You can play with vertically or horizontally, just depends on your preference.You’ll also notice that your games will be split into two screens, thus the “DS” in Nintendo DS. You can tap the small gray button to switch between touchscreen and regular controls. There may be little lag here and there but can be minimized by playing with sound off. Its still good.
  5. There you go!! You have now played Nitendo DS Games on your Galaxy S3 and relive your love for the super DS games like the Mario’s and the Pokemon’s.

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