Pump Up the Volume on the Samsung Galaxy S3 with this Volume Boost Hack

April 24, 20131 Comment

Smartphones are getting smarter and the displays are getting larger and sharper these days. Not to mention insanely fast processor with as many as upto eight cores and 2 Gigs of RAM under the hood. These are specs that can match or even outperform some computers. Not so surprising then that a lot of folks, yours truly included, tend to rely on their smartphones for most daily activities like checking and responding to work and personal emails, text messaging, instant messenger communication, social networking, games, and even some high-power gaming. And oh!, did I forget to mention making and receiving calls? ;)

While the smartphones of today are able to perform as a truly converged device, there are times when the device may fall short while performing a basic, non-automated task, as a mater of fact, something which forms the primary objective of the existence of the phone – to notify you upon receiving a call or text or email. Particularly so, when you are in a noisy environment and do not prefer to use the Vibrate function on  your device so as to be able to conserve battery power.

I can recall countless occasions when I have been in such an environment, while commuting via public  transportation, or watching a live game at the stadium, when there have been several calls that I have missed despite turning up the ringer to the highest level. Now this kind of a situation can be particularly embarassing, or dangerous, depending upon whether the caller is your boss, a client, or your better half :) And no matter how smart your phone is, this can happen to you. Even if you have one of the best phones of 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy S3. Up until now, that is.

XDA Senior Member Melfus seems to have experienced this far too often, and decided to do something about it. So he tweaked some of the system files on the Galaxy S3 and came up with a flashable mod which allow raising the speaker volume levels beyond the default setting, resulting in an insanely loud ringer or notification volume which will ensure that you never miss another call or text, unless you really want to ;) And applying this mod also brings other side benefits such as louder speaker volume for messages, videos, music player etc, louder in-call volume via the earpiece as well as in speakerphone mode and possible louder volume in all areas where audio output happens. Here’s how you can apply this mod on your Galaxy S3.

Note: Keep in mind though that you need root access on you Galaxy S3 along with a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP installed to be able to flash this mod.

How to Apply the Volume Boost Mod on the Galaxy S3

  1. Download the Volume Mod zip file of your preference from the original source thread
  2. Copy the downloaded zip file to the internal memory of your phone
  3. Switch off your phone and reboot to Recovery Mode (Vol Up + Home + Power)
  4. In Recovery, scroll down to Install zip from SD card, and select it
  5. On the next screen select Choose zip from SD card and then locate the mod zip file you copied over in Step 2 and select it
  6. Confirm the flash on the next screen
  7. Wait for a few seconds while Recovery flashes the mod on to your device
  8. Once done, select Go Back and then Reboot System Now

Set the volume for your ringer/notifications now and never miss a call or text again wherever you are :) Try it out and let us know how it goes for you.

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  1. Michael Bowie says:

    Thanks so very much, my Galaxy S3′s speakers are very loud now.

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