Record High Quality FM Radio Using A Sony Xperia Device

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Back in the 1990s, and even into the 2000s a little bit, people used to get a stereo with a built in tape recorder and create mix tapes by recording live radio. These customized mix tapes almost always revolved around hits from the day and, if anyone was like yours truly, each mix tape was a combination of the best that one radio station had to offer. 10 years later, in the year 2012, technology has taken giant leaps forward. However, users can now relive the past with a new application that will record live radio.

Sony Xperia

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Called Radio FM Record, the application allows users to record high quality radio and then store it on the device at 256Kbps. For those that don’t know, the highest quality mp3 that’s widely produced is 320Kbps. Not bad for a radio recording. Currently, the application is only compatible with the Sony Xperia line up, as the app simply hasn’t been ported to other devices just yet. To use it is pretty simple as well. As the developer of the app explains:

Just download from the Market RecForge I have posted a demo below and follow the advice in these photos to set the best RecForge.
A tip works best with headphones without microphone.
Once you set a recording RecForge load and delete it (first time only).
Now you’re ready to record from FM RADIO!
Fm Radio normally open and when you just want to record and press start RecForge pulsed REC, if you want a louder sound in the recording I recommend you set +3 db.
When you are finished, press Stop and you saved your Recording from FM Radio!!!!!!!

This seems a little complicated but it’s easier to accomplish in practice than it seems simply by reading it. Thus far, the app has received rave reviews from the users who have given it a try. Since most Android devices can hold a substantial amount of music—with a SD card of course—this makes your Sony Xperia device the biggest mixtape you’ve ever had. That cannot possibly be a bad thing.

For more info, check out the source link.

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