Remove the Crap From Old Flashes on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G Using One Click

September 8, 20120 Comments

Being rooted is just great. You have access to dozens, if not hundreds, of features you wouldn’t have if you remained stock. This includes flashing custom ROMs. For those who don’t know—and there really shouldn’t be many of you left out there—custom ROMs are firmware based on Android that users can install and run. They can add performance and battery tweaks, themes, applications, and all sorts of other features you might not have running a stock ROM. However, one big side effect to flashing ROMs is that you eventually end up with a bunch of crap on your device from installing the firmware over and over again.

This is a problem that needs to be fixed every now and then or it can lead to issues, such as boot looping or your phone running sluggish. This is no fault of the ROM you’re running or even the phone. When you flash a ROM, there’s always some stuff left behind from the last flash. This stuff builds up over time and eventually leads to problems. Imagine you taking out your trash, except one bag always leaks. If you don’t do anything about it, eventually you’ll have a big pile of filth and found that the bugs have gotten to it. Same concept.

Now there’s a way to get rid of that garbage, at least on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. Using a set of steps and a simple application, users can get rid of those bits gone astray and restore their phone to being clean. The first two steps are things you can do without having to download anything and invovle factory resetting the RAM in a unique fashion. The second method is a little more complicated, as it involves backing up your essential SD card files and then performing a full SD card wipe. If those don’t work, there’s a tool and instructions to follow to make that clean a little deeper.

For full instructions and downloads, check the source link.


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