Comprehensive guide to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and recover back

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Obtaining root and custom recovery is among the first things many Android device owners do upon getting a new device. In some cases, it’s quite easy. An example is the Nexus series devices where unlocking and adding root is dead simple. On some other devices, like the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III, it can be a real pain to get everything rooted and working properly. Of course, there’s a load of devices that fall between the two of those. Some ranging on the difficult side and some not. Its definitely easier to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus.

 Guide to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

The guide to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus starts out simple enough, if it’s a little backwards. On many devices, root is obtained first, then a custom recovery. However, the Galaxy Ace Plus is a little backwards, as rooters will need to install ClockworkMod Recovery before obtaining root. So here’s how it works:

  1. Click the source link below and download all the attachments.
  2. Unzip the file and open the Odin3 executable file.
  3. Turn your Galaxy Ace Plus on in Download Mode (Volume Down + Home + Power)
  4. Plug the Galaxy Ace Plus into your PC, it should show up in Odin3.
  5. Using the PDA part, browse and find the cwm-trebon.tar.md5 file you downloaded earlier.
  6. Flash the CWM tar.
  7. After that’s done (the device should reboot automatically), turn off the phone and place it in ClockworkMod Recovery
  8. Unzip the and run the RunMe.bat script. This should root the phone.
  9. Reboot, you’re all done.

The whole process to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and recover should take under 10 minutes once all the files are downloaded and unzipped. One thing that users should be aware of is the dreaded yellow triangle that will now start showing up when you turn the device on. It’s ugly—hideous, actually—but all it symbolizes is that the phone has been hacked. There’s not much Galaxy Ace Plus users can do about it right now but it does no harm to the device itself so there should be nothing to worry about.

For the downloads, troubleshooting, and more, hit up the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers

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