Rooted Samsung Galaxy S III Users Can Now Have Better Jelly Bean

July 28, 20120 Comments

As Jelly Bean continues to run rampant across the internet, everyone is asking themselves how they can get it. Unless you happen to be the owner of the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Samsung Nexus S, which have all gotten official updates to Google’s latest and greatest, the only solution is to gain root and go hunting for custom ROMs. Fortunately, for never devices, Jelly Bean ports are pretty common and it isn’t very hard to find them.

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Rooted Samsung Galaxy S III to have better Jelly Bean

For the Samsung Galaxy S III, there’s actually quite a bit of development going on with Jelly Bean. Not only are there custom ROMs but Samsung has announced official updates to come. So if you’re not comfortable with rooting your device, all you really need to do is wait. For those who’d rather root and check it out, you can do so right now.

Thus far, there have been some ROM developments where the ROM wasn’t really complete yet. This can be a problem for many as installing a ROM with important features missing means that it cannot be used as an every day ROM. This is a problem that the Team Liquid development team is looking to solve with their newest ROM, Liquid Smooth. It is a Jelly Bean port that is, like every other Jelly Bean port out right now, classified as an alpha. This means that there may be some bugs present. However, the ROMs claim to fame is that there aren’t nearly as many issues with it as there are with other Jelly Bean ROMs. With the only major issue is that the camera is glitchy, that’s a whole lot better than most other ROMs can say.

Installation of the ROM is very simple. You must first root your Samsung Galaxy S III. If you need help, you can find a good guide here. Once rooted with a custom recovery, download the ROM from the source link below, boot into custom recovery, and flash it. Easy peasy.

For troubleshooting, if you’d like to report a bug, and much more information, check out the source link.

Source: Team Liquid’s Liquid Smooth ROM

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