RoundR – An Open Source App That Rounds the Corners Of Your Screen

April 25, 20130 Comments

The beauty of using a mobile OS like Android lies in the fact that it is an open operating system, and developers can create various mods and tweaks which allow you to customize the look, feel and performance of your device in every conceivable manner. One shining example of this customization is the incredible amount of themes that are generated for use with different ROM bases, which can totally transform your device screens as per your preference. However, to be able to apply most of these, you do require to be rooted and have a specific type of custom ROM installed. If you’re not rooted, most of the time you are left to deal with the stock look and feel of the OEM firmware, with only limited customization possible such as adding a launcher with themes, or adding widgets, wallpapers etc.


Of course, as compared to other major mobile platforms, that in itself is still quite a lot. And another notable aspect of Android is that developers are constantly looking for simple ideas and tweaks that could enhance the look of your device, without actually making any major changes. XDA Senior Member Mohammad_Adib, has develoed a nifty little app which serves one singular purpose – and that is to round the corners of your screen and the app is aptly named RoundR. RoundR takes advantage of the fact that in most Android devices, the screen is surrounded by a pitch black border, the corners of which are rarely touched, if ever. RoundR simply places a small overlay on each of the screen corners to simulate a rounded corner effect. A small tweak, which goes a long way in the effect it has on the way your screen looks :)

Here are some screenshots of RoundR in action on my Nexus 4, just to give you an idea of how it works. The effect is subtle, but quite pleasing to the eye, mine at least :)

As you can see, the change is very minimal, and does not affect the way you interact with you device at all, but the effect is pretty elegant. RoundR also lets you specify the corner radius level, as well as which of the four corners of the display you want rounded. If you are the type of user who is always on the lookout for tweaks to enhance the look or personality of your device, RoundR is definitely a must-try app. You can get it for free from the Google Play Store. So if you like what you see in these screenies, hit the link below to try it out on  your device.

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